This series is based on static stretching—to increase flexibility, improve range of motion, release tight muscles and alleviate muscular pain. The routines get progressively more difficult, from beginner through to intermediate. They are best to do after a ride or a long day's work to release tension in tight muscles and keep you pain-free. Find out more about yoga for flexibility here.


In this sequence, we work on spinal extension. Backbends are crucial for mountain bikers as they reverse the rounded-forward riding position.

Beginner Twists

In this sequence, we move through standing, seated and reclining twists. Move slowly and mindfully—taking care not to over-rotate your spine.

Hip Openers

Legendary CrossFit trainer and physical therapist, Kelly Starrett, advises athletes to: "Spend as much time in a lunge as you can."


Sidebends stretch muscles throughout the body, increase spinal mobility and alleviate pain in the lower back, shoulders and neck.

Sun Salutations

In this routine, I break down Sun Salutation A—a classic sequence of poses that you will find in many hatha and vinyasa yoga classes.

Deeper Backbends

Backbends increase spinal mobility as well as opening up the hips and chest—making them incredibly beneficial for riders. Take them slow.

Quads + Hips

In this sequence, we flow through some deeper hip openers—Lizard, Half Frog and Reclining Butterfly. It sounds like a trip to the zoo.

Twist + Bend

This sequence focuses on twists and sidebends that will be great to include in your training—especially if you're trying to get sideways.

Groin + Glutes

If tight hips are an issue for you, cycle through multiple different hip-opening sequences so that you don't get stuck in repeating patterns.

Wheel Prep

In this sequence we open up the hip flexors, stretch the chest and activate the glutes, in preparation for one of the deepest yoga backbends. 

Quad Stretch

Depending on the flexibility of your quads and hip flexors, this sequence is either going to be incredibly hard or a walk in the park.