4-7-8 Breath

Free Video: 4-7-8 Breath

This breathing technique, in which your exhalations are twice as long as your inhalations, calms the central nervous system. It can help you to relax and to focus, so it is great to practice before competition or an intimidating ride, whenever you are feeling anxious or stressed, or...

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Mike Janney

Mike Janney: Faster Recovery

“I started practising yoga with the 15-minute videos that were first posted on pinkbike. This was when I was cycling a tonnes (racing on and...

Ben Breach: Daily Yoga Habit

“Hi Abi, I saw your videos a few week back. I thought I’d give it a go after my mountain bike spins and it seems to have worked. I suffer...

Yoga For AC Joint Separation

Ian White: AC Joint Rehab

“After a winter of back problems, I realised that I needed to put some time into stretching and building core strength to help me get back up...

Jon Cort, Bike Park Wales

Jon Cort: No More Arm Pump

” I played around with a few yoga DVDs over the years… static pose 30 minute routines, nothing MTB-focused, just general movement stuff I...

Relieve IT Band Pain And Tightness

It is very common for mountain bikers to suffer from a ‘tight IT band’, which can not only be painful but can also play into a variety of more serious conditions, including iliotibial band syndrome and cyclist’s knee. It’s a tricky area to fix with traditional stretching but yoga has a number of poses that can help to...