In this series, we cycle through Upper Body, Lower Body and Core workouts, incorporating isometric, concentric and eccentric exercises. They increase in difficulty, ranging from beginner through to advanced. Strong, stable muscles and joints support safe, controlled and powerful movement. These sequences are great to do in the morning or before a ride, to activate sleepy muscles. Find out more here.

Core Strength 1

In this yoga for core strength routine we strengthen the abs, obliques, lower back, and hips. Try to keep your core engaged throughout.

Lower Body Strength 2

In this sequence, we introduce Sun Salutation B which is similar to Sun A but with some extra poses to build strength and endurance in the legs.

Core Strength 2

An integrated core will maximise your power, speed and control on the bike, as well as helping to protect you from persistent lower back pain.

Core Strength 3

In this core sequence, we use isometric and concentric-eccentric exercises to strengthen the abs, lower back, and obliques.

Upper Body Strength 4

Don't let anyone tell you yoga isn't hard. This sequence is designed to give your upper body—chest, arms and shoulders—a serious workout.

Core Strength 4

In this sequence we train both core strength and core flexibility. This has great benefits for performance and for reducing your risk of injury.

Upper Body Strength 5

In the hardest upper body strength workout in the series, we put it all together, and throw in a challenging Crow arm balance for good measure.

Lower Body Strength 5

In this sequence, we burn the quads and glutes in a series of Chair and Warrior variations, followed by some balancing to ramp up the difficulty.

Core Strength 5

In this sequence, we work the abs in a series of Plank and Boat pose variations, and finish in the mother of all abs stretches—Wheel pose.