Free Video: MTB Cool-down

This gentle cool-down is designed to completely unwind you after your ride…and potentially send you to sleep. We move systematically through the body, loosening you up and stretching out tight muscles. Try to stay relaxed throughout, breathing in and out through your nose. See if you can make your session completely struggle-free—continually letting go of tension as you move through each pose.

  • Mobilise and stretch the spine—especially the lower back.
  • Open up the shoulders.
  • Stretch the calves and hamstrings.
  • Open up the hips—the quads, groin and hip flexors.
  • Stretch the soles and tops of the feet.
  • Stretch the triceps and chest.
  • Release tension at the lower back.
  • Mat
  • Post-ride
  • In Reclining Spinal Twist, try to keep your bottom shoulder on the mat. It doesn’t matter if your knee doesn’t come all the way down.
  • Stay up on your toes if you need to in Squat + Twist.


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