Morning Yoga

In this morning sequence, we start with a short breathing exercise, mobilise joints throughout the body and transition into deeper stretches.

Try to stay present as you gradually unwind your body, easing gently into the deeper stretches. Breathe, relax, focus and take it slow.

When you practice yoga in the morning, first, have a drink of water to hydrate your system, especially your intervertebral discs—your spinal shock absorbers.

  • Beginner
  • To focus your mind.
  • To increase spinal mobility.
  • To move your joints through full range of motion and loosen up restrictions.
  • To increase suppleness throughout the body.
  • To start your day in good postural alignment.
  • Morning
  • In the opening posture, make sure that your hips are above, or in line with, your knees—however many blocks or cushions that takes.
  • In the mobilisation exercises, start with smaller movements and gradually increase your range of motion.
  • Pay attention to sensations in your body, responding especially to signals indicating how deep you should go into each pose.