This series is for beginners and for more experienced yogis who are looking for athletic recovery and/or stress management. The sequences consist of therapeutic breathing exercises, gentle stretching and relaxing meditation techniques. This routines are great to do at the end of the day, especially if you find it hard to get to or stay asleep. Find out more here.

Healthy Spine

In this sequence, we bend the spine forwards, backwards, side to side and in rotation, and finish with Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

Body Awareness

When you slow down your movements, you can actually feel what's going on in your body much better than you thought you could.

Loose Hips

This is a gentle sequence designed to release tension in the hips—the quads, hip flexors, hamstrings, groin, glutes and outer hips.

Back Pain Relief

This sequence is a doozie for the lower back—loosening up the spine and stretching the hips, calves, hamstrings and lower back.

Total Relaxation

In this sequence we systematically stretch the spine, shoulders, calves, hamstrings and hips, to release tension and calm your mind.

Spinal Health

This relaxing sequence is focussed primarily on the lower back. If you have weakness or pain here, please listen carefully to your body.

Long Hard Day

In this relaxing sequence, we loosen up the neck and shoulders, stretch the outer hips and glutes and release tension from the lower back. 

Pain Killer

This sequence is designed to release tightness, increase mobility throughout your body and relieve aches and pains naturally.


This sequence is a great one for stretching the sides of the body and opening up the hips. It's one of my all-time favourites.

Straighten Up

In this gentle sequence, we stretch the sides, release the lower back and open up the hips. Try to see how easy you can make your breath.

Be Like Water

This sequence is designed to loosen up the spine and hips and stretch the hamstrings to improve suppleness and get you moving more fluidly. 

Hips + Groin

This sequence is designed to loosen up the hips and stretch the calves and hamstrings. It's great to do after a ride when your muscles are warm.

Deep Release

This sequence focuses on upper body mobility and deeper stretches for the waist down—specifically the calves, hamstrings and groin. 

Flexible Spine

This backbending sequence involves a couple of trickier poses. It's a nice, lazy flow to try if you've been practicing for at least a few months. 

Twists + Turns

This twisting sequence is designed to wring out tension throughout the body—with a specific focus on the spine, abs and obliques, and hips.