Back + Shoulder Love

This sequence is designed to loosen up the neck, shoulders, spine and back—releasing tension throughout the body and relieving areas of pain.

Try to relax into it and flow through the poses. Don’t worry too much about the exact alignment and instead move in whatever way feels good and gets into the tight spots.

  • Beginner
  • Increase spinal mobility.
  • Open up the chest and shoulders.
  • Alleviate upper and lower back pain.
  • Mat
  • Cushions (optional for Child’s pose—under your feet if your the fronts of your ankles are tight and under your butt if you can’t sit all the way back on your heels.)
  • Evening or rest day.
  • You should not experience any pain in this sequence. A little bit of discomfort is fine but “no pain no gain” doesn’t fly in yoga. This is absolutely crucial.