Vittorio Sartori: Pain Relief

As a rider, father, worker, trainer, racer and most of all at 43, it’s not always easy to be healthy and in shape, as our passions demands. 

For about 15 years, my weak point has always been the lower back. In darker moments I’ve been put on morphine to relieve the pain..and had surgery for both L4-L5 and L5-S1 hernia.

While recovering from surgery I read an article by Timo Pritzel on how yoga changed his life from injuries. A little later I came across Abi with her first article on Pinkbike : Yoga for Lower Back Pain in Mountain Bikers. Well…I said, let’s give it a try.

I finished the 26 minute routine with some difficulties but then I felt an immediate relief from pain that I couldn’t pain, more elastic, more flexible..and not least…better mood—for me, back pain is a real mood beater. Since then that routine has been my weekly ally, allowing me to do whatever I want on and off the bikes.

I started following Abi with all her other articles, one of my favourite is on Yin Yoga—perfect for before-sleep relaxing and to prevent pain. I feel free to say that Abi help changed my I know Timo words were true…

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