Sam Littlefield: Ski-ing Accident

When I was 7, I fell ski-ing and my leg almost did a full rotation. When I was 8, I graduated from a wheelchair to crutches.

And when I was 24, I started doing yoga regularly. I spent 16 years dealing with pretty regular back pain from my injury and although I still have it, yoga helps me to manage it.

Abi’s videos have been able to keep me a pretty well-rounded mountain biker, from bikepacking to downhill, I have an arsenal of poses and stretches to do at home (and on the side of the trail mid-ride) that have been amazingly helpful.

The most beneficial parts of your classes for me have been sequences that end with lumbar adjustments like Reclining Spinal Twist. Incorporating the entire back helps with my overall wellness as well. The accident did a little damage to my L3 L4 and L5 vertebrae which left me oddly flexible for a 6ft 4in male, so a mixture of sporadic chiropractic hip adjustments and daily yoga have been my best solution. Thanks for all your help Abi.

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