Ric Jamieson: Yoga To Prevent Pain

Preventing Injury
20 years ago, I was involved in a big motorcycle accident leaving me with a crushed vertebrae (T10) and prolapsed discs (L5,4).

After an operation and countless physio and chiropractic sessions, the only thing that got me able to ride (3yrs) and then race (5yrs) a bike again was yoga.

Work then took over and with the class ending, I ended up doing what I remembered but only when I felt like I needed too—so managing pain rather than preventing it.

Discovering Yoga 15 has changed all of that, we all have 15 minutes that we can set aside to making ourselves stronger and healthier while preventing injury or allowing old ones to creep back. I work as a coach in predominately the MTB area of cycling and all the athletes I work with are recommended to do Abi’s sessions at least twice a week.

Thanks Abi & Yoga 15, I’m back to racing XC but more importantly, back to loving pain free riding.


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