Kevin Linehan: Life Transformation

Kevin Linehan_MTB Yogi
At the ripe old age of 37, I had an acute gout attack. I can only describe this as what it would feel like if your foot was being crushed in a vice.

This came on the heels of many years of too much alcohol and red meat, and a lack of exercise, vegetables and water.  I was a classic workaholic who once considered himself to be a pretty healthy person.  I transformed my diet and exercise routines with the help of @Joyous Health, an article in bicycling magazine about NY-based chef, Seamus Mullen and a new mountain bike. 

My new obsession ensued.  I was mountain biking so much that my knees and lower back were becoming limiting factors.  I remember hobbling down stairs and aching as I got out of bed in the morning.  I was getting concerned that I would no longer be able to continue riding, and wondered how to keep healthy.  With a family, a home, and a business to run, I had reached a new crossroads in my physical and mental health.

It was then that I decided that things needed to change, and I came across the pinkbike article for mountain bikers with lower back pain.  It was just what the doctor ordered—super convenient and accessible. I could feel a difference both physically and mentally after my first session.  I immediately downloaded the app and ordered the full set of 15 minute videos on Vimeo.  Within a week I was pain free.  I began a daily yoga routine and haven’t looked back, using it when traveling for work and finding  Yoga for Mountain Bikers to be the perfect balance to my regular cross-fit and mountain bike workouts. 

I can’t thank Abi enough for putting these together!!!  I hope to be riding and enjoying time with my family and friends for another 60 years or more!!  Thank you!

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