Jon Cort: No More Arm Pump

I played around with a few yoga DVDs over the years. Static pose, 30-minute routines—nothing MTB-focused, just general movement stuff.

I’m busy, real busy. 4 kids and a 60-hour working week busy. I saw and tried Abi’s PB vids and was really impressed with the post-ride and MTB back pain routines. They worked, they worked noticeably well. I purchased the Strength series…best money I ever spent in improving my performance on a bike. No contest.

The vast range in the series, the flow of the routines, the time need for only 15 minutes per day (but you can easy do more) and the solid, constant performance improvement on the bike was and is astonishing. No more arm pump (on 20 minute runs in the alps) and the lack of core fatigue for such little time investment feels like cheating. I can also feel the improvement in my turning ability.

You would be mad not to follow these routines, even as a novice, the programmes are well graded and accessible to all. You don’t need the gym, nor weights. I’ve never been so strong on a bike. It’s easy to start…nails at the highest level. Just what I need. Massive thanks Abi.

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