Jim Patterson: Better Than Massage

MTB Yogi
As an MTB and road rider, I have always had issues with bike position and body soreness that was different depending on the bike that I was on.

After long road rides, I often had significant neck stiffness that took days to loosen up—or would just get worse and worse from consecutive days of riding. On the mountain bike, I had sore wrists that often gave me twinges up my arm. And then, along came yoga.

MTB Yogi

A friend of mine recommended that I try yoga to relieve some of the issues I was having, and when I started using your videos, I had immediate relief—from the shoulders and neck stretching to the strength built in my wrists from Downward Dog. I can say that today, one year later, I am pain-free except after the longest (>6 hours) rides. After those long rides, I no longer go for massages, I now prefer to do one of your short videos and that brings my body back in sync.

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