James Knowles: Stiff Sore Back

James Knowles—Stiff Back
Huge thanks for your pinkbike videos which have genuinely improved my standard of life and cut the physio bills down a bit!

I am only 32 although I have suffered a few big injuries. I am a constant advocate for the practice and often bore fellow back issue strugglers with the tale of when I discovered your videos!

I had gone back to working for an agricultural engineer, was attending physio as often as was feasible but was always stiff and uncomfortable. I got on a 2 hour flight to iceland and squirmed so much trying to find a comfortable sitting position the lady next to me asked if i needed out! I was in a flat in Reykjavik scrolling pinkbike and came across your videos. Tried one there and then and got immediate relief.

I am mainly focused on the lower back, I suffer from my pelvis tilting and tight glutes, hams, quads. My level of yoga is decent after 1 year, some poses I am good at, others look like a tank dancing. For instance I find Bridge very good for the back but have never developed looseness down the front enough to get into Wheel.

I still attend physio but much less frequently and can spend time on old injuries and tight legs rather than just spending the whole hour loosening the back every time. I’m riding mountain bikes, motocross, enduro, renovating a property and working on farms and can honestly say if I didn’t do the yoga I would be asking for surgery by now, or have given up racing, working or both!

I have met a lot of people who attempt to maintain heavy physical work, mainly building and farming in my circles, with motocross or mountain bike who get tight lower backs so I think this is a great idea. There’s a tendency to skip recovery thinking you have to utilise time with training.

It is a very good service you provide with a large catalogue of free videos and personal advice when required! Your pinkbike channel is a regular feature for me and my partner in our living room.

Amazing work. Well done. So good.

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