Isra Garcia: Living In The Moment

Isra Garcia
Work these days has been crazy! I do not know how I could handle all that without my 2 yoga days a week and riding on the weekends.

But as they say work hard but party harder! đŸ™‚Â I practice Vinyasa yoga. The best thing about it is that I am outside my comfort zone. I have learned to live in the moment, to be aware of my body and how I can use it to create a flow with the movement. Balance is another thing that has improved over the roof! It is great to see how many saves on drops or little jumps that came without warning I have taken.

Since a while ago my riding skills over drops and ramps are getting so much better and in the picture you can see me take off a drop that has haunted me over the years and finally is conquered. I believe yoga can make you a better and more well-rounded athlete. You perform better, you are more aware of your body movement, your mind is always centered and when you’re riding, it gets you into the present—the only time that is real. I believe in yoga. It has become a strong and fundamental part of my training.

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