Ian White: AC Joint Rehab

Yoga For AC Joint Separation
After a winter of back problems, I realised that I needed to put some time into stretching and building core strength.

To help me get back up to speed riding and to avoid injury in the future. Abi’s 15-minute videos were just the ticket. They were short and specific and I quickly noticed the difference. I was regularly doing the post-ride, lower back pain and core strengtheners routines.

I turned to Abi’s videos again following an AC Joint Separation. Along with regular physio, yoga has hugely aided my rehabilitation.


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  • Hi Abi or Ian,
    I’ve recently collected a grade 3 AC joint dislocation (shoulder separation). I’ve just entered the range (25-100%) at which a grade 3 is qualified, meaning there should/could be some ligament left there. I’m still in week 8 since the crash. I know that yoga is going to be a necessary addition to my rehab and probably a lifelong practice. I’m happy with that, but are there particular exercises/poses I should begin with and some I should avoid. Bit confused. Can you inform?

    • Hi,
      This is a question for your physical therapist. They will be able to advise you which poses are safe and beneficial for your healing. When you have some more info from them, drop me an email abi@yoga15.com and I can point you in the right direction for suitable poses and routines.