Gary Perkin: Broken Back Recovery

Gary Perkin—MTB Yogi
I’ve been riding bikes since 1979, I’m a mountain bike photographer and I broke my back on a job on a motorbike in 2010.

I’ve been using the Yoga 15 app on and off since late 2015. I bought a few of the challenges. I’m currently using the Sufferfest version of the Yoga 15 program and I feel like I’m really getting benefits out of the daily routines. I’m currently doing both the 30-day plan and the core workout routines on a mostly daily basis. Travel, work and life can sometimes get in the way but overall I’ve kept up a pretty good streak. After a bunch of long flights the On the Road and Lower Back routine really help me get over the jet-lag and recover from travel stress.

After a long day on the bike with a 10kg plus camera bag on my back, I used to get constant spasms around the vertebra I compressed—T7. Since doing the Yoga 15 routines, the spasms have disappeared and I feel stronger and more balanced on the bike. 

Gary Perkin—MTB Yogi

More recently I broke my collarbone—October 2018—and had to take and a break but thankfully about 4 weeks later I got back on the yoga program and am enjoying a full recovery—stoked to pull off Strong Arm Pose and the like again. 

Thanks for making the MTB specific routines as they have made getting into yoga much more accessible and functional and have definitely helped this guy.

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