Dario Cescon: Equalize Flexibility

Dario Cescon—HolyWow Gang
Love getting your emails Abi. I’m a 61 year old avid mountain biker out of Rossland BC Canada.  

I’ve been mountain biking for 30 years and we have a fabulous riding group called the HolyWow Gang that have been riding together for the last 26 years all over the the northwest from Moab Utah to Anchorage Alaska.  Some of our children are professional mountain bikers and have participated at Crankworx. Most of us also downhill ski and back country tour and have experienced significant injuries over the years.

I have been doing your 27-minute ‘yoga for back pain in mtn bikers’ for the last couple of months after finding you on pinkbike.  You have made an incredible difference for me and I thank you so much.  What I have noticed is the sequence of stretches and breathing has improved my alignment and has helped me to equalize the flexibility in my left and right sides—this in turn has settled my body tremendously. I have always tried to do physiotherapist recommended stretches but have never had the success I have with your routine. I think doing the other stretches in isolation just doesn’t have the same results as one of your workouts.

Of our group of roughly 30 riders very very few of us do any yoga. I think its a relatively new concept for mountain bikers but should catch on quickly. Silly but most of our wives have been into yoga for years.

Hang in there and you will become our guru!

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