Dan Ward: Recovery From Crash

Dan Ward
A few years back I was knocked off my motorbike in which I did some muscle damage to my shoulder.

At the time the physio helped and fixed the pain and motion, however the prolonged effects have still been quite apparent and sometimes I can wake up in the morning not being able to turn my head left and right: the worst thing the morning of a ride especially!

Following Abi’s neck and shoulder yoga on a frequent basis has helped keep me in great shape and always ready for a ride!

Then last year, I crashed pretty badly on my mountain bike which very nearly snapped my spine. I was off the bike for quite a long time and the majority of my recovery time was spent following Abi’s lower and upper back yoga in order to keep the muscles supple as they repaired. Without a doubt, had I not done this I would be suffering a lot more than I do and it has been instrumental in adding longevity to my rides now! Massive thanks to Abi for supporting us nutters!!

I also do pretty regular post-ride stretching so thanks for that too!

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