Christopher Giuliano: Disc Issues

Christopher Giuliano—Disc Issues
Abi’s yoga videos have improved my life dramatically having herniated a disc in my lower back over ten years ago.

Even with preventative physio the injury would recur almost annually, taking me out of work and off my mountain bike for weeks at a time, and it hurt! I was resigned to having to live with it because I was told that 80% of back injuries recur. A few of my other middle-aged friends suggested yoga but… yoga classes? The time, the cost, the clothes, the embarrassment, the listening to whale music while someone talked about the imbalance in my chi or chakra or whatever… Ignorant, I’m sure, but I felt yoga was not for me.

One day on the mountain bike website Pinkbike Abi posted ‘Yoga for Lower Back Pain in Mountain Bikers’ and I thought, well, why not? I could try yoga in private, it would take only half an hour, and I didn’t care if I was wobbly or inflexible or if I fell over. The format was simple and I felt better within a few sessions. After more than a year following Abi’s videos regularly, I realised my disc herniation was a thing of the past. Some other niggling injuries also disappeared like tight hip flexors and that stiff Achilles I had for the first few steps in the morning. And apart from prevention of injuries, I now feel more flexible and stronger on the bike. I am not exaggerating when I say that Abi has changed my life for the better as I am riding now like I did twenty years ago, and hopefully will be for another twenty years. Thank you Abi!

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