Bryony Clarke: No More Knee Pain

Bryony Clarke MTB
I’ve been mountain biking for around 5 years and did a fair bit of running and road biking before that.

I’d never really gotten into any good habits of stretching or strength training to balance the cardio stuff I was doing and when I’d tried yoga before, I’m not sure I really got it, couldn’t feel where it should be working and honestly, got a bit bored.

Bryony Clarke

In the last couple of years I’ve suffered with knee pain, forcing me to really try to take better care of my body. I started doing Yoga 15 videos on Pink Bike and loved the way Abi explains the theory behind the poses and sequences and how/where exactly they are working. I’ve been practicing consistently now for around 6 months and, where before my knees had stopped me running at all, I am now back up to hills and longer distances pain-free.

Yoga has improved my strength, movement and confidence on the bike and I’ve noticed a difference across all the sports I do. I now look forward to my yoga sessions, which are perfect for my attention span and easy to do even when life gets busy.

Thanks Abi, I can’t recommend it enough!


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