Björn Olbricht : Powered By Yoga

Björn Olbricht—MTB Yogi
I started yoga as a daily, 15-minute routine in the morning with my coffee, before going to work.

I love offering that moment to myself as I watch the daylight waking up over the lake and the mountains. This mental and physical training powers me for the whole day and it has changed my body so much.

It takes time and yoga taught me also to be patient, but when you look into the mirror after a while you can feel that aura and see a big smile on your face. Yoga increased my sensitivity on my bike. When I’m riding, I can feel every micro-muscle. I also have better balance, strength and flexibility.

With the combination of Abi’s videos, I can design my own specific training programs and prepare my body to go full gas when ever I want to. My motto is everything is possible. Be the creator of your life. When you like your body and you have good feelings, you will share this with your surroundings.

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