Ben Breach: Daily Yoga Habit

I saw your videos a few weeks back. I thought I'd give it a go after my mountain bike spins and it seems to have worked. 

I suffer with back pains anyway and after my spins even more so. I did your post-ride routine on Sunday and again last night after my spin. This morning when I got up, I had hardly any back pain and my arms and legs didn’t ache. It was so nice to not be as stiff as a board this morning.

I’m 40 yrs old and really struggle with lower back pain. I’m not as supple as I used to be and I’ve never done any yoga before so I was a bit sceptical if I’m honest. But wow it worked.

Your yoga is now a daily routine which I really enjoy doing. It has certainly helped with the back pain and I can feel myself standing up taller and straighter. And it’s definitely put me in happier and healthier place. Even the simple things like the breathing has helped with stress at work.

I have noticed a change in my riding—my core strength and breathing is noticeably better and I’m feeling stronger on my spins. I actually feel myself sitting up better and getting better power transfer because of it, and this makes me faster. I use less effort from my legs to achieve this. I have also noticed I’m getting more flexible and my balance is improving. My recovery is for sure better too, I feel a lot fresher and able to move around with ease the next day, which was always an issue.

I would like to thank you for all the help and advice you have given never the last couple of months. I really do believe that the yoga has helped me this year. Keep up with the great work Abi. You’re doing a super job keeping people fit, flexible and pain free.

Ben Breach 1st Place

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