This series is relatively fast-paced and akin to a vinyāsa or flow-style class. It hits every joint and muscle in the body—building mobility and stability, strength and flexibility, balance and agility. It's designed to break you out of your habitual movement patterns and get you moving like an athlete. You can practice these sessions in the morning or as a dynamic warm-up before your ride. Find out more here.

In The Flow

You will need to have a fair amount of yoga experience to attempt this sequence as the pace is relatively fast and the flow is continuous. 

Break Habits

The aim of the Mobility sequences is to break you out of habitual patterns and to incorporate a more diverse range of movements in your training.

Lunge Flow

In this sequence we flow through a series of Low Lunge variations to loosen up the hips and hamstrings, and finish with some core exercises.

Warrior Flow

This sequence is relatively fast-paced. It requires good balance, coordination and reaction speed. Focus on refining your movements.

Supple Spine

This is a great routine to warm up the body and activate the core. As a rider, there is a tendency for our spines to get stuck in one position. 

Fast And Furious

This fast-paced routine loosens up the hips, strengthens the wrists and shoulders and rotates the spine. It's a veritable smorgasbord of yoga skills.

True Your Wheels

This sequence takes place mostly in the sagittal plane (flexion/extension) which gives you a great opportunity to practice and refine your alignment.

Dynamic Flow

This sequence trains mobility, flexibility and strength. It's great for opening up the hips, improving spinal mobility and strengthening the core.

360 Hips

This sequence is a proper workout for the hips. We stretch the hips flexors, groin and outer hips with progressively more intense poses.


This sequence builds strength in the legs, hips and core. It requires a high degree of joint mobility as well as good balancing skills.

Mobility Drills

This sequence is a series of mobility drills for the feet, knees, hips, spine and shoulders. It's a great one to get the blood pumping.


This tricky sequence requires flexibility, strength and balance. Try to see how effortless and smooth you can make your movements.

Balance Flow

In this sequence, we warm up the body with a fairly simple High Lunge sequence before launching into some challenging balancing poses.

Check Up

You can use this sequence as a barometer to see how your mobility and flexibility are improving. It climaxes with Wheel pose.

Wave Of Breath

In this sequence, try to synchronise your breath and movement. I'll cue the inhalations and exhalations. See if you can stay focused.